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Piggy is a mobile app that makes it easy and fun to create WHATEVER: documents, presentations, web pages, invitations, blog posts – everything! All on your mobile phone, all enriched with visual storytelling features, making otherwise dull content come to life and be inspiring and fun to consume.

We are a 1-year-old startup based in Tel Aviv, a small team of 13 people that create, innovate, and constantly reinvent the tools and experiences for self-expression.

Here are some random samples of great stuff created using Piggy, to give you a sense of the kind of materials we’ll expect you to create: Emma’s Sleepover Party Invitation, Some Facts About Global Warming, and Emma Avital’s Link in Bio.

Open Positions

Frontend Developer | Content Editor

Frontend Developer

We are looking for a great Front-end developer, primarily focused on React / React Native to join our core Mobile App development team. Our team is fast-paced and committed to building the best product with an excellent codebase. We are always learning and improving while having fun in the process.



Please note, we are a small and flat team. No chiefs, we are all Indians – hands-on, on top of our game, discussing internally, involved in many facets of the business. We are looking for people who care about the products they develop and contribute beyond the code that they author.

Are you the person we’ve been looking for? Please reach out to our recruiter Miss Piggy by email at miss@piggy.to and convince her. You can send your resume, an informal note, an app you developed, or whatever you feel will make her notice your brilliance and assure her that the above really fits you. Thanks!

Content Editor

We are looking to hire a full-time Editor and Content Manager who will be responsible for creating, editing, and posting content for our platform. The Content Editor will be required to come up with creative ideas as well as recruit and manage a team of outsourced creators and designers to execute them. The position includes providing feedback to product and design, testing new features, guiding partners and contributors to achieve authoring greatness, and reviewing creations by others. The Content Editor is our in-house creative spirit.

Desired Skills:

Above all, we are looking for someone who will be excited to create, design, edit and publish, and be a part of a team that is creating something innovative and new. Please note – this position requires talent, enthusiasm, and great immersion in today’s technology and pop culture.

To apply – please email miss@piggy.to and share writing samples and previously published works that demonstrate your creativity and professionalism. Get us excited that you will be happy working on our stuff and we’ll be happy to have you on board. We can’t wait to have you join us! 

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